Portrait Illustrations for EPSN Magazine and, Steph Curry was painted for the magazine and Serena Williams was digitally for an interactive article.
Year: 2016
Art Directors:
Rami Moghadam, Luke Knox

Flatiron Books
Artwork for the cover of Lara Williams’ book, A Selfie as Big as The Ritz published by Flatiron Books. The original artwork is 22x30” in watercolor.
Year: 2017
Art Director: Janet Hansen

Iron Mountain

A series of portraits created for Iron Mountain's trade show booth and accompanying collateral. The portraits were used on magazine covers, digital signage displays,  stand-alone booths, and towels.
Year: 2015
Agency: Sleek Machine

The New Republic

Illustration for the April 2014 issue of the New Republic. The brief called for a half-page illustration done in my traditional dot style, with two individuals facing one another.
Year: 2015
AD: Parker Hubbar

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